Budgeting Accounts

The Jam Jar Budgeting Account is a great way to manage your money, for £5 per month; you tell the CNCU which priority bills you want paid on your behalf (e.g. Rent, Council Tax, Water Rates, Fuel bills) and CNCU put money aside from your weekly or monthly income (benefits, wages, standing orders) to pay your Bills on-time, every time.

CNCU automatically deposits a portion of your money into a protected lock-down account (enough to pay your priority bills) from each of your income sources. You can either have the excess money instantly loaded into a card for spending, transferred to another bank account or savings account. CNCU will then pay each bill as and when they are due; so you have peace of mind that your Bills are paid without lifting a finger.

Our Jam Jar Budgeting Account is available to members to take the worry and strain out of paying priority bills.

It’s easy to join and you do not need to have a bank account.

CNCU offer a Visa chip&pin and contactless card, online banking, affordable loans, Christmas Saver accounts and the unique Jam Jar Budgeting account.

The Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union has very strong ethics and our members share the ethos of helping the local community to enjoy ethical lending and savings.

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Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union is open for face-to-face enquires at Delamere House, Crewe, CW1 2JZ Monday-Friday 10am-12pm, Email us at info@cncu.org.uk or call us in office hours 09:30-15:00 on 01270 685 625.