• Credit Union Branches Out

    Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union (CNCU) is extending its reach by opening branches in libraries across Cheshire East.

    CNCU, a not-for-profit financial organisation, offers a range of savings accounts and affordable loans to members. It promotes effective money management and is open to anyone who lives, works or volunteers in Cheshire.

    The new operating move is endorsed by Cheshire East Council, who recently made a pledge to protect the community from payday loan companies by banning access to the top 50 payday lender websites in its libraries and public buildings – the first Council in England to do so.

    Chief Executive Officer John Weir said “We have been working in close partnership with Cheshire East Council who supports the work of Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union.”

    “We are making it easier for members and non-members to open accounts and access our services at locations convenient to them.”

    So if you need any help to budget your money, would like to put some money aside for a rainy day or need an affordable loan, Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union can assist. Visit us at one of our locations.

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